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Trafalgar Square, London: Lanterns & Columns
Whitehall columns for security
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Downing Street, London: Columns
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Royal Wolferton, Norfolk: Lanterns
Victorian Lanterns: Standard & Bespoke
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Kenwood House Boundary Marker
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28ft Colonial & Bandstand
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28ft Colonial & Bandstand

Huntingdon Bandstand
Courtesy of Huntingdon Town Council

The 12' /18' and 22' Bandstand may be expanded to a maximum of 28', is a structure which draws upon a number of new methods of construction. Its roof system is manufactured to cope with extreme weather conditions and the corrosive effects of being situated in a coastal environment. 8 interlocking GRP roof panels comprise a robust structure which will require little maintenance with a lifetime guarantee.

Our Hi-Tech GRP roof was designed to eliminate the problems associated with Galv sheet steel and the jointing with rivets [corrosion around riveted lap joints] and the regular maintenance and re-coating the roof colour every 3 - 5 years because of the bleaching of UV light. The GRP roof is self colour and has an excellent seal that is self draining with locking joints. Guaranteed life of 35 years.

Our Hi-Tech material roof removes all that. Copper brass or lead roofs are also available.

Ornate features include Anthemion styled Acroteria on each corner, Capitals, Spandrels, Frieze Rail with Brass Lions Head, Brass Fascia roses and a top mounted finial. The top mounted cowling of the structure is able to accommodate the Company's traditional copper lanterns for added security. Four Spandrel brackets can be also used to form a radial around the columns.

The roofing frame is constructed of mild steel angle BS 4848 : Part 4 & BS 4 Part 1 / 1980 with a central King Post, all covered by the low maintenance glass reinforced plastic roof in lead grey. The ceiling is manufactured of flame proof aluminium, or optional stainless sheets, incorporating specialist lighting and access door. Up to 16 Dichroic 12 v Down lighters can light the performing areas.

The foundations can be established in a concrete ring beam to cope with most types of ground conditions. Most types of floor surfaces can then be laid.

The fire proof aluminium or Stainless ceiling can have up to 16 x 12v Dichroic down lighters to light the stage area. An all night security Bulkhead light is fitted to the ceiling.

Bandstand @ Night
Night time shot of the Bandstand performing area lighting. The 16 Dichroic 12 v Down lighters providing good lighting for the artist performing. The light cut off prevents the audience being blinded by stage light.

Cast Iron Columns can incorporate access doors to accommodate RCD 240v and ceiling lighting controls. A noise Limiter can be provided to control the power sockets to cut the electric supply at a pre-determined decibel level

The floor of the bandstand can be constructed of block paviors in a herringbone pattern, with rows of contrasting blocks running from each column towards the centre. In the centre an octagonal brass plague can be supplied, suitably inscribed to celebrate this special occasion. Under the Millennium PLAQUE a time capsule may be placed, made up by the local school children, containing present day artifacts to celebrate the millennium.

Raised Floor Level
The Floor level may be raised to any required height sitting on a Octagonal Plinth with all the floor features as required. The Foundations again can be a ring beam with all its benefits. The steps up to the floor may be with a handrail attached to the railings or a larger entrance with the handrail spanning the columns.

Railings, Balustrade
The Railings around the perimeter of the bandstand can be very ornately Victorian in design or a more simplistic deco design.There are very many different designs to choose from to make a looking Bandstand Railing.

The bandstand will need Planning Permission, a process that usually takes around six weeks. The 18 ft structure is exempt from Building Regulation approval. It is classed as a small detached building under the Class V1 Schedule 2 of the Building Regs. 1991.

All Structural Calculations By Independent Structural Engineer

The Bandstand could become a focal point of any community. A central point for Carnivals, Bar-B-Ques, Displays and Fêtes. Amateur Dramatics, Plays, Musical Concerts and Sunday Services. It would be a lasting memorial to the millennium, celebrating the past with Victorian elegance and looking to the future by serving the area for years to come.

Planning takes approximately 6 weeks, items to be cast at foundry approx. 8 weeks, manufacture of roof structure approx. 8 weeks, on site construction approx. 3 weeks, therefore, from planning approval to completion should take approximately 24 weeks. The bandstand is manufactured by A. J. BERNASCONI DESIGNS of Warboys, who also manufacture Seating, Street signs, Nameplates, and Street Lighting.

Diameter of Bandstand (Centre line Column to Column) = 6115 mm
Overall Diameter (Including overhang, Corner to Corner) = 6901 mm
Distance between Columns (Centre lines) = 2340 mm
Column Height (Floor to Ceiling) = 3000 mm
Overall Height of Bandstand (Excluding lantern) = 5410 mm
Diameter of Central Brass Plaque (Face to Face) = 483 mm


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