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Product Images

Trafalgar Square, London: Lanterns & Columns
Whitehall columns for security
St Catharine's College, Cambridge: Lamppost & Lantern
Downing Street, London: Columns
Victorian Cast Iron Lampposts & Pedestals
Royal Wolferton, Norfolk: Lanterns
Victorian Lanterns: Standard & Bespoke
Signage: Name Plates & Plaques
House Entrance, Garden Gates & Railings
Bespoke Cast Iron Work
Kenwood House Boundary Marker
Cast Iron Kerbing
Cast Iron Letter Boxes
Church Iron Gates, Railings, Lanterns.& Plaques
Church Floor Grilles [Heating]
Warboys Village, Cambridgeshire: Queen Victoria 1897 Jubilee
Warboys Village, Cambridgeshire: Millennium Project
Western Park Sheffield
St Ives, Cambridgeshire: Cattle Market Restoration
Refurbishment Projects
Cambridge Park & Town Benches
St Ives, Cambridgeshire: Oliver Cromwell Monument
Measteg Town Bridgend Wales
Drinking Fountain & Pump Supply
Cambridge City Victoria Bridge Restoration
28ft Colonial & Bandstand
Hanging Basket Columns
Police Lanterns
Finger Posts Directional Signs
Traffic.& Pedestrian Bollards
Lectern In Stainless Steel
Village Signs
Information Panels
Weather Vanes

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St Ives, Cambridgeshire: Oliver Cromwell (Lord Protector) Monument

St Ives Town Centre Cambs
Courtesy of St Ives Town Council
This photo shows the busy Town of St Ives with residences and tourists using the Cambridge Back to Back benches and the people of St Ives seemingly to enjoy their Town Centre with the Hampton Court Stands to lock their bicycles to. A very green Town

The photo also shows the Cambridge Street 4.7 m Lighting Columns with Buckingham ornate 400 mm Globe lanterns matching the Cromwell Monument Pedestals to give the required evening lighting for this most beautiful of English Market Towns. The ladder arms on the Cambridge Street Columns are the ideal mounting points for attaching the decorative hanging baskets with flowers in full bloom.

Crowell Statue Received the 1987 Conservation Award from Huntingdon District Council For This Work.

The replacement Buckingham Pedestals & Globes. in 1986

To add more significance to the restoration of the Pedestals & Globes, coronets were placed above and below the lanterns middle band in the shape of a stylized heart. This represents both the Monarchy and the peoples heart being ripped out, as happens in all civil wars. 4 Howard roses are mounted on each of the corner bosses, on the central band, equal the 4 corners of the UK that was touched by this savage historical event. Also there was a battle close to the home of the Howard family (Howard Rose).


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