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Trafalgar Square, London: Lanterns & Columns
Whitehall columns for security
St Catharine's College, Cambridge: Lamppost & Lantern
Downing Street, London: Columns
Victorian Cast Iron Lampposts & Pedestals
Royal Wolferton, Norfolk: Lanterns
Victorian Lanterns: Standard & Bespoke
Signage: Name Plates & Plaques
House Entrance, Garden Gates & Railings
Bespoke Cast Iron Work
Kenwood House Boundary Marker
Cast Iron Kerbing
Cast Iron Letter Boxes
Church Iron Gates, Railings, Lanterns.& Plaques
Church Floor Grilles [Heating]
Warboys Village, Cambridgeshire: Queen Victoria 1897 Jubilee
Warboys Village, Cambridgeshire: Millennium Project
Western Park Sheffield
St Ives, Cambridgeshire: Cattle Market Restoration
Refurbishment Projects
Cambridge Park & Town Benches
St Ives, Cambridgeshire: Oliver Cromwell Monument
Measteg Town Bridgend Wales
Drinking Fountain & Pump Supply
Cambridge City Victoria Bridge Restoration
28ft Colonial & Bandstand
Hanging Basket Columns
Police Lanterns
Finger Posts Directional Signs
Traffic.& Pedestrian Bollards
Lectern In Stainless Steel
Village Signs
Information Panels
Weather Vanes

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Cambridge Park & Town Benches

The Cambridge Cast Iron Park Benches with Hardwood Slats.

The Cambridge Park Benches were designed for the St Ives Town's environment, with styled reference points. The old cattle market, now a car park, was the central economic wealth creator of this Rural Market Town. The 4 Bulls' heads, in a cross, are still used in the Town Council Crest today, Although the farming in this area of Cambridgeshire is mainly arable. The legs of the seat splay out to symbolise the bull's legs, and the central bank of the bench-end is the Quadra-foils representing both the C of E & Free Church faiths central in its roll in this part of East Anglian Society. The ring bands, around the foils, are the ties that hold this tight-knit community together.

The English Rose is incorporated in the bench end. The heavy duty nature of the bench end reinforces the stability of the St Ives Town. The `Restoration Page' shows some work we have completed at the old cattle market.

Cambridge Single Bench @ Quay Cambridge Bench @ Quay
The Cambridge single flat Bench [top left] was made to seat people in transit, . The same design criteria was required for the Bench ends of the Back Rest Park Bench Also below is the Town Centre Back to Back Bench which was made to seat many people in a small area.

St Ives Cambs  Town Centre
Cambridge Back to Back Benches in St Ives Town Centre Market
Also in the background are the 4 cast Iron Pedestals and Lanterns remade by AJB as well as the Cambridge Columns, railings, and bicycle stands and litter bin.

Back to Back Bench
Back to Back.

James @ the Waites
James on the bench.

For additional information see Data Sheet No 3 for drawings of types, sizes & specifications etc.


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