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Product Images

Trafalgar Square, London: Lanterns & Columns
Whitehall columns for security
St Catharine's College, Cambridge: Lamppost & Lantern
Downing Street, London: Columns
Victorian Cast Iron Lampposts & Pedestals
Royal Wolferton, Norfolk: Lanterns
Victorian Lanterns: Standard & Bespoke
Signage: Name Plates & Plaques
House Entrance, Garden Gates & Railings
Bespoke Cast Iron Work
Kenwood House Boundary Marker
Cast Iron Kerbing
Cast Iron Letter Boxes
Church Iron Gates, Railings, Lanterns.& Plaques
Church Floor Grilles [Heating]
Warboys Village, Cambridgeshire: Queen Victoria 1897 Jubilee
Warboys Village, Cambridgeshire: Millennium Project
Western Park Sheffield
St Ives, Cambridgeshire: Cattle Market Restoration
Refurbishment Projects
Cambridge Park & Town Benches
St Ives, Cambridgeshire: Oliver Cromwell Monument
Measteg Town Bridgend Wales
Drinking Fountain & Pump Supply
Cambridge City Victoria Bridge Restoration
28ft Colonial & Bandstand
Hanging Basket Columns
Police Lanterns
Finger Posts Directional Signs
Traffic.& Pedestrian Bollards
Lectern In Stainless Steel
Village Signs
Information Panels
Weather Vanes

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Victorian Copper Lanterns.

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Knightsbridge suspended Lantern
Knightsbridge 6 sided copper lantern with antique bronze finish, with a top coat stove enamelled clear lacquer. Made for a Victorian Shopping Mall. 70 watt CDM lamp and control gear.

Hinchingbrooke House
The Hinchingbrooke 8 sided Lantern is a copy of a 17 century oil lantern that once hung, in this room, in Hinchingbrooke House, Its infamous residents were the Lord Protector's family. The Cromwell family lived in the house until 1627 when it then changed hands to the Earl of Sandwich, the Montague Family, as recently as 1970. The house was purchased by the Council and is now a 6th Form Comprehensive school.

Tony @ Work
Tony working on a wooden jig to keep the Hinchingbrooke lantern square and in-balance.

Kensington Love Bird
To the right, a Kensington 6 Lantern held in a Suspended Cradle on a Lovebird Bracket.

Histon Lantern
The 10 Histon cast brass Lanterns were made by for the new Cambridge University Library Extension in 1998 (an exact copy of the existing lanterns from the early Arts & Craft movement) by Bailey Scott.

Halstead Old Gas Lantern
The new refurbished gas lantern for the town of Halstead, Essex. It was almost a new frame, and ornate corner pieces.

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