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Trafalgar Square, London: Lanterns & Columns
Whitehall columns for security
St Catharine's College, Cambridge: Lamppost & Lantern
Downing Street, London: Columns
Victorian Cast Iron Lampposts & Pedestals
Royal Wolferton, Norfolk: Lanterns
Victorian Lanterns: Standard & Bespoke
Signage: Name Plates & Plaques
House Entrance, Garden Gates & Railings
Bespoke Cast Iron Work
Kenwood House Boundary Marker
Cast Iron Kerbing
Cast Iron Letter Boxes
Church Iron Gates, Railings, Lanterns.& Plaques
Church Floor Grilles [Heating]
Warboys Village, Cambridgeshire: Queen Victoria 1897 Jubilee
Warboys Village, Cambridgeshire: Millennium Project
Western Park Sheffield
St Ives, Cambridgeshire: Cattle Market Restoration
Refurbishment Projects
Cambridge Park & Town Benches
St Ives, Cambridgeshire: Oliver Cromwell Monument
Measteg Town Bridgend Wales
Drinking Fountain & Pump Supply
Cambridge City Victoria Bridge Restoration
28ft Colonial & Bandstand
Hanging Basket Columns
Police Lanterns
Finger Posts Directional Signs
Traffic.& Pedestrian Bollards
Lectern In Stainless Steel
Village Signs
Information Panels
Weather Vanes

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Victorian Cast Iron Lampposts & Pedestals.

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Hampton Court Lampposts
The Hampton Court Street lampposts staged in the old Vicarage Warboys. To the left with a Kensington 6 Lantern and the right with a Royal Scroll out reach bracket and a Windsor Lantern in a suspended cradle.

Oxford Column Oxford Column Warboys
Oxford Street Columns from 3 meter high " The St John the Baptist Church". The village of Warboys has a 5 meter Column, with two weather proof 240 v sockets on both sides to ladder arm, for the Xmas lighting, the Cantenary  hangs from two eyes screwed  into each end of the ladder arms.
St Catherane's College Court Yard Dowing Street London
Downing Street Columns Regency Period are an exact copy which we manufactured for St Catharine's College,Cambridge - a Listed Building Requirements for EH.

Elton Village Column & Swanneck Lantern
Cambridge Column, with swan-neck bracket to support a suspended lantern 70 Lux PEC 80 MBfu used extensively in the village of Elton, outside Peterborough.

Cambridge Column
A Cambridge Column in the St Ives Waites, with a Buckingham Globe 70 w so 100 Lux PEC

Pound Camb
The RH 6 ft Baby Cambridge Column and lantern, mainly for the Domestic setting.

Baby Cambridge
The left side was cut down to an overall height of 5 ft

4 x Cambridge  Columns
The 4 x Cambridge Columns from the left:
(1) white 10 ft Cambridge Ave with a 500 mm globe, and
(2) the 9ft with twin Windsor lanterns and
(3) the 8 ft Avenue with an Avenue lantern and finally
(4) the 12 ft Camb Street column with a Street lantern.

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